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The Rules

1. Please, always comment if you are taking a skin. This may seem insignificant, but it'll make me feel special. ^^
2. The place I upload to may delete the files after about a month, so please, let me know if any of the links are expired, and I'll be sure to re-upload them.
3. By all means, constructive criticism is more than welcome on all of my skins. I'm relatively new at this, so any help is appreciated.
4. Feel free to redistrube my skins as you wish, or even edit them if you know how.
5. This obviously isn't a requirement, and I know many of you will ignore it, since the entries are viewable to everyone, but please, it would be much appreciated if you could join the community. Although, once again, this is mostly for the sake of boosting my ego.

The Layout

This layout features characters from Ouran High School Host Club and it was made by KILLABARBIE. Please do not steal any of the codes or graphics for yourself, cause I'll kick your ass. Credits for the images go to Ouran Resources. Brush from Latex and Leather.

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BLEACH - YOUNG RENJI & RUKIA [Saturday 19.8.06 @ 11:34am]

Two new skins posted in less than 10 minutes? Yeah, I rock.
Actually, I made this skin a loong time ago and never bothered to post it.
But, apparently I'm into childhood friends today. ♥

Image from Bleach anime episode 32 [my favorite! -along with 46, I love flashbacks-].


Comment & etc, yknow.
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SCHOOL RUMBLE - CHILDHOOD FRIENDS [Saturday 19.8.06 @ 11:22am]

I was in an incredibly School Rumble-y mood yesterday (how could anyone not be after watching Episode 19? ♥), a thus, here is skin from the series. Mikoto & Hanai was actually a pretty random choice, since I don't think either of them even made an appearance in this episode, but, shh, that's okay. I love them anyway. ♥ And they were the cutest kids ever.

For those of you who aren't familiar with School Rumble, I'd definitely recommend it. XD It's a really cute and hilarious series.


Comment if you take, and tell me when the link expires, as always.
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I've fallen madly in love with this series, and you know everytime I find a new obsession I just HAVE to make a skin (or two, or five) of it. ^_~ Those of you who don't know it, I'd definitely recommend it, especially to the Host Club fans.

Anyway. Here's a skin of the three lovely ladies of the SOS Brigade - Nagato Yuki, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Asahina Mikuru.
I really wanted to make one of the entire club, but was unable to find any decent pictures for skinning. So, if any of you happen to have a group image of the SOS brigade that you'd be willing to share, I'd be eternally grateful.

I was afraid this skin was going to turn out boring, since for once I opted to keep the white background the image came with, but rather I think I ended up cluttering it a bit. Haha. Meh, I still think it's cute. ^_^


Please comment if you are taking, and tell me when the link expires.
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See, I promised I wouldn't forget about Bleach. ^^
(As if I ever could, really.)

I've been wanting to skin this image for awhile now - it's the chapter cover from manga chapter 97.
I'll be honest, I adore this skin. It's one of the hardest I've made in awhile, and I'm fairly content with the way it turned out. And, shinigami transfer students are love - especially barefoot ones. ♥ Haha.


Comment if you take, tell me when the link expires - you know the drill. ^_~
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OURAN HOST CLUB - TAMAKI [Thursday 20.7.06 @ 0:56am]

Yup, another Ouran skin. I know, my community is becoming flooded with them.
Sorry to those of you who come here looking for my Bleach skins. x_x
I'll get back to skinning other things soon, I swear. And those Naruto ones I promised are coming [eventually] too.

Right, so, for my fourth Ouran skin, here's Tamaki. ^^
Because he's the only one in the world who can make the mad hatter sexy.
Although, I must admitt, he looks rather like he belongs in a PANIC! At the Disco music video.


As always, please comment if you are taking, and enjoy. XD
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OURAN HOST CLUB - KYOUYA [Sunday 16.7.06 @ 4:50am]

Aren't you guys glad I don't sleep? ^^
I'm becoming some sort of Host Club fiend, I swear.

I was actually planning of doing Tamaki, but Kyouya ended up being the first of the host club boys to get his own individual skin. Why? Because he's deviously brilliant and sexy, and I love him to death. ♥ Although it's hard to choose a favorite host in terms of characters, he'd certainly be the one I'd designate if I ever happened to stumble upon the host club. I think it's something about those glasses XD


Comment if you take, and enjoy!
More Ouran skins will probably be coming in the near future.
[And eventually I'll get back to all the Bleach and Naruto ones I promised, I swear >_>]

Edit- Wow, that was stupid of me. I had previously uploaded the image of the skin rather than the skin itself. >_> This is what I get for skinning when I should be sleeping. Thanks to sen_shiranai for pointing this out to me. It's fixed now, so you should have no problems. ^^
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OURAN HOST CLUB - SUMMER [Sunday 16.7.06 @ 2:46am]

This is my third non-Bleach skin in a row, isn't it? O_O Shocking, I know. Don't worry, though, I haven't abandoned Bleach for good (it'll always be my #1 favorite ^^). I'm just on a shoujo kick lately. I think it's a summer thing. On the topic of summer things...

This is another one of those rare skins that I'm actually quite proud of. I think it's among my favorites so far - even though it's missing quite a few of my favorite Host Club characters. I can't quite pinpoint why, but I was rather happy with the way it came out, so I hope you are too. XD


As always, please comment if you take. :]
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OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB - HOST CLUB BOYS [Wednesday 12.7.06 @ 18:31pm]

I know there were like a million skins I was planning to make before this, but I've fallen madly in love with this series and absolutely couldn't resist the urge to make a skin of it.

I can't say that this skin was particularly hard or easy to make, or that I think it's one of my best of worst. I'm not crazy about the border, to be honest, but by the time I decided that it was too late. >_> Either, way, it's an Ouran skin. ♥ Soon I'll probably skin the specific members of the club seperately [Kyouya in particular is definitely on my to-skin list ;D] and most likely more group ones, perhaps next time including Haruhi. But, for now, please enjoy this skin of the boys in the Host Club. ^^


Note: Quicksharing is being a real bitch, so I had to use MegaUpload to upload this skin. Personally I'm not a fan of MegaUpload, I get a bit lost with all their advertisements >_> So, let me know if you have any trouble downloading the skin.

Comment if you take, etc, etc.
Oh, and if you have any constructive criticism to offer, by all means, please do.

[Edit] This one's been re-uploaded, too. >>; I really need to get a more permanent server. Anyway, tell me if the link stops working again.
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LOVE HINA - NARU & KEITARO [Sunday 9.7.06 @ 0:50am]

Because I've been too lazy to make a new skin for awhile, I'll post an old(ish) one that I've been neglecting.
To be completely honest, I'm not even halfway through Love Hina. Shh. I thought this image was cute, and good for skinning. It's a very simple skin, but, eh, whatever. I'm sure you'll forgive me for my laziness.


Comment if you take, and tell me when the link expires. Enjoy :]
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BLEACH - YUMICHIKA [Monday 3.7.06 @ 12:21pm]

How's that for speedy service, eh, doom_magic?
I've been planning on making a Yumichika skin for awhile now, but your request for 11th divisioners helped move me along. Ikkaku is next on the list :] Although, I might make a few more Naruto skins before I get to him.

Anyway, here's Yumichika, the beautiful 5th seat of 11th division.
This was one of the easiest skins ever for me to make, but I think it came out alright. :]


Please comment if you're taking, and enjoy! ^^
And as always, let me know when the link expires.
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NARUTO - TEMARI [Sunday 2.7.06 @ 17:34pm]

For once, a skin that isn't from Bleach.
This time it's Temari, my favorite kunoichi from Naruto.
I expect I'll be skinning Naruto characters a lot more lately - I'm hoping to do Hinata, Tenten, and maybe Ino in the near future, because kunoichi are love. ♥ And because most of my favorite male characters already get enough attention from skinners.

Anyway. Temari's a totally kickass kunoichi, and sand ninja are love. ♥ So here's a skin of her.


Comment, enjoy, and let me know when the download link expires - the file won't be there forever.
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BLEACH - YACHIRU [Sunday 2.7.06 @ 17:10pm]

Because 11th division rocks above all else, and Yachiru is just as freaking adorable as it gets. ^^
This is definitely one of my favorite skins I've made so far, so I hope you like it.


Comment if you take, and enjoy! :]
And please, let me know when the download link expires.
[Edit] It's been re-uploaded ^_^ You should be able to download it fine now, tell me if it expires again.
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BLEACH - ORIHIME & TATSUKI [Friday 30.6.06 @ 19:31pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Another Bleach skin, this time of Orihime and Tatsuki. Although I've never been a fan of them as a pairing, I think they're great as best friends (at least they used to be, back before Kubo Tite-dono forgot all about poor Tatsuki-chan). And this image was just too perfect for a winamp skin. The lyrics are from The Starting Line's "Best of Me."

Click Here to Download.

Comment, enjoy, tell me when the link runs out.
You know the deal. ^.^
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BLEACH - GANGSTA [Saturday 3.6.06 @ 0:16am]

Lmao. This one is mostly a joke, and sort of a request from my nee-san (although she doesn't use winamp).
Haha, comment if you are crazy enough to download it.

Image from manga chapter 155. =D

Click here to download.

As always, tell me when the link expires.
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SCHOOL RUMBLE - PRETTY DRESSES [Saturday 3.6.06 @ 0:07am]

*Gasp* Something other than Bleach? Can this possibly be?
The girls from School Rumble are just so darn cute, and I love this picture, although I don't really know where or when it's from.

Click here to download.

Comment & Enjoy. ^.^
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BLEACH - SHINIGAMI SCHOOL [Thursday 1.6.06 @ 17:36pm]

Because flashbacks rock, and I love those kids to death.
Even though pretty much no one likes Hinamori anymore, and no one besides me ever really liked Kira. Too bad. :]

The words are lyrics from "Seventy times 7" by Brand New.
Images from various random Bleach episodes.

Click here to download.

As always, comment if you are taking, enjoy, & tell me when the link expires. ♥
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BLEACH - SLEEPING GROUP [Thursday 1.6.06 @ 16:40pm]

I've always loved this image, so I figured I'd make a skin of it. I personally think this is one of my better ones, I really like the color scheme. Comment if you are taking, & enjoy! ♥

Click here to download.

As always, let me know when the download link expires.
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BLEACH - HINAMORI MOMO [Thursday 1.6.06 @ 16:25pm]

It's pre-coma Momo, from back when she was totally adorable. Actually, I believe this screenshot was the first time we saw her in the anime, in episode 24. I know pretty much everyone hates Hinamori these days, but I'm still rather attached to the girl, and was disappointed at the lack of winamp skins of her out there. So, now there is one. Enjoy! ♥ & Don't forget to comment if you are taking.

Click here to download.

Once again, the file won't be there forever, so let me know when I need to re-upload it.
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BLEACH - MATSUMOTO RANGIKU [Wednesday 31.5.06 @ 22:54pm]

This is the first skin I ever made, featuring Bleach's sexy shinigami Matsumoto Rangiku, one of my favorite female characters ever. Image from manga chapter 223, "The Scarlet Creation."

Click here to download.

The file will only be there for a month, so please let me know when the link expires & I'll be glad to upload it again. ♥ Enjoy! & Comment if you are taking, please.
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